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A.J. Casson

A. J. Casson is Canada's most celebrated and loved landscape artist. Casson had remarkably long and prolific career. For over 70 years, he criss-crossed Ontario, recording its landscape, villages and rural life in a distinctive painting style that had won him international recognition and acclaim. Born in Toronto in 1898, Alfred Joseph Casson could not have imagined the astonishing firm and apprenticed to Franklin Carmichael. When the Group of Seven disbanded in 1932, several members moved to other parts of the country, but A.J. Casson however, remain in Ontario, and continued to paint the landscape and villages that had served as an unfailing inspiration for his art since his youth. He married in 1924, and 1931, built a splendid Georgian-style house in North Toronto where he had lived until he passed away in 1992. A.J. Casson has one daughter and three grandchildren. Today, painting by A.J. Casson hang in the most important public and private collections across Canada; books and film have documented his life; a lake near Sudbury and a township near Thessalon have been named after him. He has received several honorary doctorate degrees and from Canadian universities, and in 1979 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Below are featured works by A.J. Casson.
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Afterglow, Moose Lake 1967


Barns on Bayview - 1930

Edge of the Woods

Dorset Road 1972 - SOLD

On the Humber 1930 - SOLD

Autumn Hills - Near Dwight - SOLD

Farm - Halfway Lake (1964)