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Samir Sammoun

Samir Sammoun was born in 1952 in a quaint Lebanese village perched atop the Chouf Mountain, 40 km south of Beirut. To this day, the artist vividly recalls the colourful Mediterranean landscape of his childhood. At age 21, Samir immigrated to Canada where he obtained degrees in electronic engineering and telecommunications. Since graduation, he has pursued his professional career as well as his passion, painting. Samir Sammoun's originality and unique style have caught the attention of viewers, collectors and art lovers in Canada and the United States. When he first showed his work at ArtExpo in New York in 1996, the reaction was immediate and positive. Samir Sammoun's work is on permanent display galleries across the globe, and has received international recognition for his impressionistic technique and works.

Below are featured works by Samir Sammoun.
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Cherry Blossoms

Mustard Field

Apple Orchard

Green Wheat & Mustard Field

Cherry Blossoms

Spring, Farmhouse in Tuscany

Marais Lilies, September

Le Place Marais, Lupins

Autumn Colours