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Eric Dupont

An avid science and innovation enthusiast, Eric Dupont is a visionary entrepreneur, an inventor, a scientist and a financier who personifies versatility. He holds a Ph.D. in Physiology Endocrinology from Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine and a fellowship in neuroendocrinology from the University of Montreal. Eric is co-founder of many companies of international scope, namely: AEterna (1995) (TSX: AEZ, NASDAQ: AEZ), Atrium Innovations (2000) (TSX: ATB), Unipex (2001) as well as Immanence Intégrale Dermo Correction (IDC) (2008). Very active in life sciences research, he has signed in almost twenty years nearly a hundred publications and presentations on endocrinology and oncology. He has nine patents to his credit in the major research fields of cancer, nutrition, active cosmetic ingredients and cosmeceutical anti-aging care. Man of many passions and fascinated by the world of microscopy. Through his works, Eric wants to make us aware of the many and extraordinary facets of the infinitely small and infinitely large,two worlds at the origin of life. Delimiting the gigantic or expanding the tiny and microscopic through art are for him ways to explore the mystery of life and living organisms. Over the past 15 years, he has greatly polished his skills in painting, reaching its full refinement in the recent years. Now and at his sole convenience, he manages to translate and reproduce his artistic interpretation of the infinitely large and infinitely small, based on his wide scientific knowledge as well as his imagination. As intellectual enrichment is a great privilege for him and his source of inspiration and since he is fundamentally challenged by life sciences and its many natural phenomenal illustrations, he chooses to invite you into a magical world at the origin of life, a world invisible to the naked eye and often unknown to the public.

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Building Blocks of Life